JTC Foodhub @ Senoko – CoGri Asia contribute to world class cold storage facility

October 14, 2017

Finished Warehouse Floor JTCCoGri Asia have recently completed installation of a high performance cold storage floor system at JTC Foodhub @ Senoko.

The facility is Singapore’s first fully integrated multi-user ramp up warehouse and Cold Storage facility. Mr Png Cheong Boon, Chief Executive Officer of JTC said, “Companies can look forward to quick start-up at the Hub with its shared cold room and warehouse facility. They need not build and maintain their own cold rooms, saving time and capital costs.” 1

CoGri Asia delivered the cold store floors in conjunction with Main Contractor JianHuang Yong Nam JV. The main wear slabs follow a UK Concrete Society TR34 design philosophy that is still relatively novel in Asia.

Mr. Tim Walker, Regional Manager for CoGri in South East Asia said “Producing a high quality and low maintenance floor in a cold store environment is always challenging and I believe this is an area where CoGri’s global expertise really creates value for our clients. There are additional considerations compared to an ambient warehouse – such as mitigating potential freeze thaw problems at room interfaces – where we draw on decades of successful project experience to offer practical “best practice” solutions”.

JTC Floor Work In ProgressThe Foodhub contains about 50 modular units of around 1,100 m2 each. The configuration offers the advantage of being flexible and customizable to suit a variety of food manufacturers –big or small.

However the modular nature of the building did create some challenges for the construction team. Said Tim Walker “The modular nature of this project meant we had very limited access and very little space to work in. The logistics of casting the floor needed careful planning and were a particular challenge. For example at one stage of the project we had to pump concrete through over 140 m of line”.

1See www.jtc.gov.sg/news-and-publications/press-releases/Pages/20160328(PR1) for source of Mr Png Cheong Boon quotation

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