CoGri Malaysia Take On An Interesting Challenge With Pan Asia Logistics

May 22, 2018

Laying floor for Pan Asia LogisticsCoGri Asia are currently working in Johor Bahru Malaysia for our regional partner Pan Asia Logistics Investments.

The project represents an interesting challenge for our team. The client has very specific requirements for a durable and low maintenance floor that would also cater to high level VNA (very narrow aisle) racking. On top of that the project has a fast track construction program. Traditionally floors for VNA racking are constructed using a “long strip” method – where the floor is cast in long narrow strips ensuring it meets the exacting flatness requirements of VNA forklifts. Unfortunately, long strip construction introduces a lot of joints into a floor, and in a pile supported floor like this one will tend to have random cracking. The inclusion of a lot of joints, and a high chance of random cracking can create a big maintenance burden for a warehouse floor. Long strip construction is also labour intensive and can lead to long construction programs. Clearly taking a traditional approach would not meet our client’s needs for their world class distribution centre.

Pouring concrete for floorCoGri’s solution was to combine a low maintenance jointless steel fibre reinforced floor with our patented Laser Grinding technology. The floor, designed by FACE Consultants is constructed in large “joint free” bays, allowing over 1000 square metres per day construction and ensuring a fast program. Isedio Armourjoint is used between bays to mitigate the traditional problems that occur at floor joints, and careful construction detailing and the use of high dosage CoGri Steel Fibre mitigates the risks of random cracking. This solution lays the base for a durable and low maintenance floor, but even with our expertise in Laser Screed floor casting it’s not possible to meet the tight flatness requirements of VNA forklifts. That’s where our Laser Grinding Technology comes into play. Following casting the floor to a good free movement standard of FM2 (TR34 4th Edition), the VNA aisles are ground into the tight VNA tolerances – for this project DM2 (TR34 4th Edition). The end result of this “cast and grind” system is fast track construction, a durable and low maintenance floor, and tight VNA tolerances in all of the critical aisles.

Project snapshot:

  • 50,000 m2 pile supported floor in Malaysia
  • Methodology – “jointless” steel fibre reinforced solution in combination with Laser Grinding for VNA areas.
  • Key benefits – low maintenance, durable, defined movement/VNA flatness

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